The visitor who will find himself in the Municipality of Kyparissia will be able to enjoy many remarkable events organized by the Municipality of Kyparissia. Some of them are being mentioned below and you might be able to get a slight taste of the beauties offered by our region.

  • A religious feast lasting three days, devoted to Aghio Pnevma (Holy Spirit) at the Holy Temple of Aghia Triada (Holy Trinity) at Ano Polis.
  • The Clidonas feast, where “riganades” are offered (a local specialty made of dark bread, moistened in olive oil, vinegar, salt and oregano) and fires are set.

Various games are being conducted throughout the whole, almost, summer period:

  • In July a Naval Week takes place, including swimming contests.
  • Bike contests / races.
  • Various events organized by the Municipality, which include music concerts, theatre performances, painting exhibitions, bazaars with old objects and antiques, in the large cobbled street of Ano Polis; also, local products are being exhibited and traditional dances are being performed.
  • Among the events of the surrounding villages, the wine feast is the most outstanding; also a feast of the okra and the water-melon takes place.
  • Furthermore, in the second ten days of September the large trade fair takes place by reason of the celebration of the "Stavros" (Cross).
  • Various local Unions also organize some conferences.

Every Saturday, a fair takes place at the Plateia Dimarcheiou (City Hall Square) with local products sold by the region's producers.

Also, on Clean Monday there is a kite flying contest and the Municipality offers lagana (a type of bread) and various fasting foods.