Kyknos (Latin: Cygnus) (=Swan) is a constellation that was first observed in ancient times by Ptolemaeus. The Kyknos (Swan) constellation lies entirely in the Northern hemisphere of the celestial sphere and it is adjacent to six constellations, namely: the Cepheus, the Draco, the Lyra constellation, the Vulpecula, the Pegasus and the Lacerta constellation.

Every residence has a living-room with a fireplace for ambient evenings in winter, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a sleeping-room and large balconies where you can enjoy the enchanting sunsets of the region Kyparissia.

The Kyknos apartment can accommodate from 2 to 4 people. All residences are equipped with the following:

  • An air-conditioner
  • An L.C.D. television
  • Wireless internet
  • A hair drier
  • An iron and an ironing board
  • A toaster

Rooms are being cleaned on a daily basis and bed sheets and towels are being changed every other day.