Neda waterfalls

The only female river in Greece owes its name to the origins of the God himself of the ancient gods. According to legend, the nymph, the divinity of the waters Neda, protected the newborn Zeus, in this place, from his father Saturn who was known to eat his children. A real fairyland with lush vegetation and beautiful waters. The path will lead you from the large stone bridge, to Stomio and to the chapel of Panagia [Virgin Mary] as it will then reach the 50m height waterfall with its rushing but hospitable waters, inviting you for a bath. Visiting this Ethereal land will be an important task -as you will need to walk a lot- but it will also be a beautiful memory for you, later to share ,as the ride the majestic Neda, it really worth spending a full day.

37 km distance from Enastron Villas.

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