Useful Phone Numbers

Here you shall find all the useful phone numbers for Kyparissia, Messinia…

Kyparissia, Postal code 24500, Messinia, Peloponnesus

Useful Phone Numbers

Municipality of Kyparissia

27613 60700

Fire Brigade of Kyparissia

27610 22196

Kyparissia Hospital

(a renal unit is operating)

27610 24051
 Kyparissia Taxi Station 27610 22666

Kyparissia Police Department

27610 62000
 Kyparissia Post Office 27610 22249

Kyparissia Traffic Police Department

27610 62005

Kyparissia Forest Inspection

27610 22400

Port Authority Station of Kyparissia

27610 22128



Kyparissia Bus Station

27610 22260


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